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Degeneration of bones and discs of necks occur with ageing, this wear and tear causes problems in neck and this is widely termed as Cervical Spondylosis. As we tend to grow older, no one of us will be exempted from this process of degeneration in vertebrae and all that matter is how we take care of our neck so that this degeneration does not affect us in a negative manner.

Over years, mainly around 30s degeneration begins and develops of small rough areas over the bones. Also, the discs become thinner with age. As wrinkles on face in common to old age, degeneration of bones is a natural phenomenon and can be thought of as ‘wrinkles on the spine’. In many cases there will be no physically visible symptoms of degeneration but routines X-rays will surely demonstrate the thinning of the bones and discs. So, cervical spondylosis oftener causes no problems but it can cause neck pain in older people.

Using Cervical Pillows is highly recommended to get rid of cervical pain naturally. Benefits of using Cervical Pillows are –

  • Cervical Pillows provide stabilization and support to the spine. The regular pillows and mattresses tend to change shape corresponding to the body weight which might not necessarily provide a correct sleeping position.
  • Cervical Pillow helps to avoid twisting of spine and maintains the torque on the neck and back.
  • For those who sleep on stomach, this position of sleeping put high torque on the cervical spine. Cervical Pillows provide proper support, and when accompanied with body pillow it helps in comfortable transition for side sleeping.
  • Lack of cervical support may result in neck pain, muscle stiffness or shoulder pain. Using proper cervical pillows helps in maintaining proper blood circulation to arms and shoulders.

You sleep quality is related to your neck to a great extent. Uncomfortable neck position will not allow you to have a good sleep. The uncomfortable neck positions eventually lead to pain in neck and if remain unchecked can lead to severe pain in neck. In such cases, cervical pillows are also used for reduction of neck pain.

There are many types of cervical pillows and you can buy the cervical pillows as per your choice and comfort. The cervical pillows are designed with intent to provide comfortable healthy and natural position. Cervical pillow guarantee good sleeping quality and a visible improvement in neck pain.

You can check good quality cervical pillows on and choose the one for you.

In case you feel uncomfortable due to the flatness of pillow you can fold and towel and put it on the downside, hence allowing increase in height of pillow. In case you feel that the height of pillow is too high for your comfort, you also take hand towels which will raise the height less as compared to the height raise by towel. It may take around a week or so to judge if the cervical pillow will help and if you don’t want to end disappointed, consider having a water pillow along.


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