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Backache is common problem to the entire working class including teachers, professionals and all. If any preventive measures are not taken the daily minor backache can turn into major body problem. Most of the back problems arise due to improper posture of the backbone (Spinal Cord); ensuring the correct position of back can help reduce the backache problem to a great extent. Since most of the work has to be done while sitting on the chair in your cabin, precautions should be taken while purchasing/choosing chair for office purposes. A chair that enable maintain a balanced distance of eyes from the table, hand from the table and enable to rest the legs on the floor is preferred, but above all the comfort to back is the most important thing.  In case the chair at your workplace at not comfortable to your back, or if you are experiencing major backache problems, BACK RESTS is the best solution for you. Here is,

Why back rests are helpful?

Back rests are not only good for the ones who face backache or have injuries, it beneficial to everyone who spends long hours sitting. You can use it daily in your office. Backache majorly occurs due to limited motion of back reducing its flexibility.

  • Backrests provide extra support while sitting in an upright position.
  • Backrests keep you neck, back and hips in correct angle, leading to improvement in your overall posture.
  • Backrests relieve and reverse the back pain.
  • Backrests maintain a position that enables the spine to realign itself.

Generally while working on computer our shoulder and neck tends to bend forward, which are signs on an unhealthy posture which may lead to problems in future. Using a backrest will improve your way of sitting and maintain the correct position of shoulders and neck. The chairs available do not come with a curvature back rest, so when you sit your back is forced up which is not a natural position. Insertion of backrest will keep your body up straight. Also, the backrests take up the unnecessary weight off the hips resulting in instant relief.


Some general tips to keep in mind while working at office:

  1. Always keep your head up.
  2. Keep the mouse close, this is important so that you don’t have to stress your forearm to reach and operate the mouse.
  3. You can be choosy about the chair, because ‘Health is Wealth’.
  4. Relax yourself from time to time by taking deep breathes and do this for a min or more. This increases your efficiency and freshens up your mind.
  5. Keep laptop/desktop close to the hands so that you don’t have to stretch your hand to reach the keyboard.
  6. Keep your feet on the floor comfortably.
  7. Try to keep your knees at 90 degrees from the floor.
  8. Don’t lean to look into the computer/laptop screen.
  9. Avoid crossing legs.
  10. If you love your neck and want it to stay healthy and fine, avoid clinging the phone between your ears and shoulder; it is a bad thing for neck.
  11. Stretch your back and shoulder from time to time.

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